Strategic Partnership Opportunity


Strategic Partnership Opportunity

Promoting your company

through Motorsport


·     Range of opportunities

·     Multi-faceted package offers very good 'Cost to Benefit' ratio

·     Commercially competitive prices

·     Offers unique potential to win 'hearts and minds' of customers

   Services available:
  • Advertising on car
  •  Media exposure & PR package
    Unique partnership with major Journalism agency
    Near guaranteed coverage with newspapers across UK
    Green technology / School involvement available
  •  Corporate entertainment
  •  Drive the car on track days

  • Race hospitality for clients
  • Promotional displays
  • Driver & car at product launches

  • Four separate motorsport options available [see title page]
  • Prices for involvement range from £100 to £60,000
  • Levels of media exposure, spectator attendance & prestige
    increase in proportion with cost
  • Enables you to select right level of marketing at right budget

To discuss integrating bespoke packages with your marketing strategy, please contact:

     00447801 652262

 Media, promotion & hospitality partners to one of the top International Ferrari GT race teams  




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